English as a Second Language

website especially for Christians


Our mission is to help Christian lay persons and religious develop proficiency in the English language.

There are many valuable English-language learning tools available on the internet. Some address the specific needs of those in the medical profession or in business or engineering among other fields.

As English is the common language of international Christians, it makes sense to address the specific needs of this community.

This website provides exercises to build English-language proficiency in a Christian context. Biblical passages and religious themes are characteristic of the website. In addition to using authentic texts for vocabulary, grammar, and reading activities, we offer videos and corresponding listening exercises. There are also links to songs to illustrate particular points of grammar and usage.

Web visitors may access the lessons at no charge. We welcome contributions to support this activity, and we also provide advertising for organizations and entrepreneurs whose products and services would appeal to our audience.


Please note that this website is work in process. Come back frequently to discover new activities and new opportunities to build your skills.



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